Which Marketing Trend Will be Most Important to Your Business in 2018?

Smart Insights asked this same question: Which marketing trend will be most important to your business in 2018? They gathered responses from over 850 marketers in different types of business from around the world. Here’s what they reported.

As we would expect, content marketing tops the list. That’s because content marketing is the engine that drives your digital strategy. Big data takes its rightful seat in second place. More and more marketers are embracing the fact data must be looked at to help direct (or redirect) marketing efforts. In third position is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning – the new kids on the block. AI and machine learning can help with implementing a full lifecycle contact system, something most marketers aren’t doing. The high priority placed on AI and machine learning in this survey makes me think this is a subject we’ll be talking about and implementing more in 2018.

Here are some other interesting results of the survey.

There’s no denying 2018 is already promising to be an interesting year for marketers with new technologies emerging to help us achieve our goals.