The Best Times to Post on Social Media Platforms

 As marketers we rely on social media platforms to distribute content and promote our brands. Social media is very effective. And, to make it even more effective, we can stack the odds in our favor by making sure we use the different platforms to their fullest capacity. One way we can do this is by being conscious of the timing of our posts on the different platforms. Some times work better than others. When it comes to figuring out which times work best for your brand, there is no concrete rule.

Each business is different – certain days and times will work better for some than for others. The key is to consider the platform and how your prospects interact with it. Also keep in mind time zones – maybe the majority of your prospects are in a different time zone than you are. If so, you’ll want to post at a time that’s optimum for your prospects’ time zone.

This said, I did discover a great infographic that looked at data from over a dozen studies to create an effective go-to sheet for the best posting times on the different social media platforms. Consult it before you make your next post.