How Digital Signs Affect Our Everyday Lives




If you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed that you’re seeing more and more digital signs – everywhere. They are used to share information and advertise a multitude of services and products. But while they are prolific, they aren’t obtrusive. That’s because digital signs and their messages feel so natural and organic that you don’t even realize you’re receiving a marketing message. But, you are…and it’s very effective. You absorb the digital message without considering the platform delivering it to you. (In a study by Arbitron, 47% of people remembered the content of an ad they saw on a digital sign 30 days later.)

If you haven’t noticed digital signs yet, I bet you will now that they are on your radar screen. I think you’ll realize you’ve been seeing and benefiting from digital signs almost every day and may not have noticed it until now.

The infographic below was created by Digital Signage. I wanted to share it with you today because it shows how a typical consumer (like you and me…and our prospects!) can encounter over a dozen digital signs in a typical day. If you’re not using digital signage, you should explore this highly effective platform.