6 New LinkedIn Features You Can Use Now or Very Soon


LinkedIn has been making some changes to their platform recently. In addition to a new look, they’ve also unveiled some new functionality. LinkedIn has made these changes to bring enhanced value in an effort to get its 467 million users to spend more time on LinkedIn. Let’s take a look at what’s new.


  1. Revised Home Page Look and Features

You’ve likely noticed that your LinkedIn home page looks different, but there are also some new features like less update streaming and more organic suggested content posts that will hopefully be of interest to you. LinkedIn is taking another cue from Facebook by giving you the ability to follow trending stories.

  1. More and Better Data Analytics

It used to be that in LinkedIn you could only see who liked one of your posts or if someone viewed your profile. Now, there are more ways to judge how users are (or aren’t) interacting with your posts. This is very valuable information.

  1. Streamlined Search Features

You used to have to go into each of the different LinkedIn categories – jobs, groups, etc. – to do a search. Not anymore. Now, you can do a universal search from whatever screen you are on, saving you time and offering greater convenience.

  1. Enhanced, Convenient Blogging Interface

You no longer have to navigate to LinkedIn Pulse to post a blog. Now, you simply click on the “Post An Article” option and follow the easy-to-use prompts to post your blog. The fact they’ve made this much faster and easier is good news because LinkedIn content consumption is on the rise, meaning your content posts here are getting more eyes looking at them. So, don’t forget to post content on LinkedIn.

  1. Chat Feature Coming Soon

LinkedIn has promised to launch a chat option very soon that will enable you to chat with other LinkedIn users without sending an e-mail or leaving the LinkedIn home page. This new feature will be similar to Facebook chat.

  1. Calendar Chatbot Scheduled to Launch

This new feature that is also slated to be coming our way very soon provides automated scheduling. It looks at two users’ calendars and finds a mutually convenient time for them to meet.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve checked out LinkedIn, I suggest you log on and see how this platform can help your business.