Business Lessons We Can Learn From the 2017 Super Bowl


The 2017 Super Bowl between my beloved Patriots and the Falcons has been billed as the greatest Super Bowl in history. I, of course, agree! I knew they had it in them to make a record-breaking comeback. To witness it was amazing. It got me thinking about what made this victory possible. There are a lot of factors at play, but I believe it’s the same as with most other victories. True success comes down to the preparation. And for the Patriots, I think a lot of the preparation has to do with how their coach, Bill Belichick, manages the team. Here’s what business lessons we can learn from his approach.

Lesson #1 – Show Up Ready To Play

Belichick doesn’t care how long you’ve been with the team. If you’re not the best person for the job, he’s not going to play you. In business it’s tempting to feel entitled because of tenure, but we should fight that and be open to continuing to learn and push ourselves to be better performers.

Lesson #2 – Out Organize The Competition

Whether it’s on the football field or in business, when you are better organized it shows, and it looks like a winner. The more preparation and research you do about your prospects and the competition, the better organized your game plan will be, and the more success you’ll have.

Lesson #3 – Push The Status Quo

Belichick has done an amazing job transforming the Patriots into a sophisticated team that looks at the game a little differently. He has brought market efficiencies to the game and given players new metrics by which to judge their performance. Perhaps it’s time to apply this thinking to your standard ways of doing business and see where a positive shakeup is warranted.

Lesson #4 – Never Underestimate The Power Of Management

There’s no denying the role professional athletes play in winning games. However, most would agree that to take a team to the top, you have to also have smart management to lead the way. Is your management team leading the way?

Lesson #5 – All For One And One For All

Ego has no place on Belichick’s team, and it has no place on your team. Check the egos at the door and make sure everyone on your team is working toward a winning game plan.

Lesson #6 – The Numbers Don’t Lie

Analytics is used on the playing field and in business. Take full advantage of the data you gather and use it to drive your decisions.