5 New Facebook Features You Should Know About

34ways_long1 facebook-likeFacebook has made some big announcements lately that are expected to boost this platform’s usefulness for those looking to use Facebook as a tool to connect with prospects. Here are the top new Facebook features available in 2017.


  1. New Ways to Create and Distribute Content

Facebook has created new content formats, such as Facebook Live, 360 video, and Instant Articles, aimed at making the process of sharing content better. Of special note is the new feature that allows you to share multiple Instant Articles in a single post, like a mini digital newspaper. Here’s what it will look like:



  1. More Tools for Analyzing Content Performance

Facebook is offering more video analytics insights. That means you’ll have access to more meaningful metrics for how live and regular videos perform on Facebook, such as total minutes viewed and total engagements.



  1. Safeguards to Prevent Fake News

After reports showed fake news stories outperformed real news stories on Facebook during the U.S. election, Facebook announced they have made it harder to publish and easier to identify hoax news. This is done through using third-party fact checkers, disrupting financial incentives for posting fake news, and making it easy for Facebook users to dispute content they believe is fake. Content in dispute will be lower in the News Feed and will include a warning that the content is under review. In addition, disputed content cannot be promoted or turned into an ad. Here’s how disputed stories and warnings will appear in the News Feed:



  1. Another Option for Live Broadcasts

Facebook Live was launched in 2016. It enables users to broadcast live video from their mobile phones directly onto the Facebook News Feed. Now you can also broadcast live video from your computer. Mobile devices lend a “reporting live” feel while video from a computer can be more polished and professional.


  1. Mid-Roll Video Advertisements

This option allows ads to be inserted into your videos. Videos must be at least 90 seconds in length AND viewers have to watch for at least 20 seconds. Facebook will sell the ads and share 55% of the sales with publishers. This is similar to YouTube.

These new options are exciting tools for marketers. Facebook’s initiatives are continuing to make it a valuable platform for doing business.