New Year: Time for a Digital Transformation


Now more than ever, marketing and IT departments are joining forces to develop digital strategies that are responsive to prospects’ needs. For marketing, this is like getting access to a turbo button because digital solutions work so well. To make the best of this union, here are some ideas I suggest marketing take to get the ball rolling smoothly.


  1. Talk the Talk

Before you approach your IT folks, make sure you have done your research. Have an idea of what you’d like to accomplish and how you want to do it. Look at the competition and see what they are doing and share what you learn with IT. They, of course, will have input, but it’s important that you first present the direction you want to go in.

  1. Start Small

Once you have your plan of how you want to transform your digital marketing, it’s time to test some small initiatives to create little success stories. Then, you can get buy-in from others in the organization. It’s best to invest in new technologies wisely by first investing the time to research the product and have IT do the same.

  1. Be Open to Trial and Error

You’re trying new things. Some will work and others won’t. Expect this and forewarn others to expect it too. These “failures” have the distinct advantage of teaching you important things about how to reach your desired prospects. Pay attention and adjust your digital plan accordingly.

  1. Admit It When You Don’t Know

Take advantage of working outside of your comfort zone. Just as you have something to teach the IT folks about marketing, they too are most likely to share their digital expertise with you. Or, you both can learn something new together. The point is that it’s not you verses them. You’re working together on this. Don’t be afraid to help each other out and share what you know.

  1. Talk It Up

The best way to keep your digital transformation at top-of-mind is to make sure no one can forget about it. Keep all key players in the loop and include updates for those whom you want to keep interested in and in support of your efforts.

  1. Recognize Your Limitations

Have realistic goals and realistic ideas on how you will achieve them. Sometimes that means outsourcing work to the experts, which allows you to get the results you’re looking for without all of the manpower necessary to achieve them.

There’s no denying the impact of digital marketing. Addressing your strategy now gets your year off to a very strong start.