What’s Coming in 2017 That Will Help You Increase Sales?


predictions_featuredAs the year begins to wind down, I’m already moving ahead and planning for 2017. Maybe you’re doing the same. Here are some key areas I think will be big game-changers in your 2017 marketing plan.

  1. Look at just about any statistics on the topic of digital marketing and you’ll see that mobile dominates. Consumers are increasingly dependent on their mobile devices, and you have to keep pace. So, make sure your mobile search and optimization are up and running.
  1. Online advertising has revolutionized how we do business. If you’re in business, you’re doing online advertising. Period. This creates a lot of demand for top ad billing on online platforms. As this demand grows with more and more competitors vying for those limited top spots, you can expect the costs for online advertising to react and therefore become more expensive for advertisers.
  1. In 2017 we will see social media play an even bigger role in sales. Social media platforms will be used to not only attract prospects but also to convert leads to sales.
  1. With Google unveiling in-SERP video advertising, you can bet that the prevalence and power of video across all online platforms is going to be amped up like never before. Prepare to get your cameras rolling!
  1. Dedicated mobile apps are entering the market and will only continue to grow in importance. This is because consumers are looking for convenience beyond the traditional website and a more intuitive experience. Stay tuned for more developments on this one.
  1. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers or take any desired action on a web page. CRO is expected to join the common vernacular in 2017 as more businesses implement it on their websites and landing pages to track online prospects’ behavior and see what’s working to drive and convert leads.
  1. Content will continue to be king! (I saved this one for last because you know it’s my favorite!) However, the focus will be on making sure your content is unique, impactful, and interactive. And, greater emphasis will be placed on the quality of the content. It better be good. There will be a growing demand for video production as well as niche-based writers who have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

I think 2017 is already promising to be an exciting year in the business world. I suggest you keep these seven areas top of mind as you go about planning your strategy for 2017.