How To Get Inside Your Buyer’s Head If You Want To Accelerate Your Close Rate




FV1782With the abundance of technology at our disposal, it’s pretty easy to reach out and make contact with potential buyers. I liken this to waving hello. Nice, but not enough. We need to give them a reason to want to come over and talk to us. This is where lead nurturing makes all of the difference in your close rates.

When you are engineering your lead nurturing program, each step of the journey must be carefully thought out, answering the question as to why the information is important to the buyer, the logical next step, and what you expect the buyer will do in response to each step. Really get inside your buyer’s head and design a campaign that speaks directly to them. Keep it simple initially and build in complexity as you go along.

Think about the content you already have and how you can use it or what pieces you’ll need to create. But, keep in top of mind that each piece needs to be presented at the right time and for the right reason and have a powerful call to action. Your campaign needs to walk your buyers through the buying process, providing them with the information they need at each stage. Forget this and your close rates will reflect it. Do it right, and your form fills will come. The best part is that you’ll be gathering data along the way, so you can adjust your workflow as necessary.

In addition to designing your program around your buyer’s needs also recognize that the sales cycle plays a key role. Make sure you provide enough touch-points along the way to address each stage of your sales cycle.

What initiative have you implemented that accelerated your close rate the best? Share your ideas with us!