5 Elements of a Successful Online Campaign


ContentMarketingResults-oriented engineering of traffic streams is essential to achieving successful digital marketing campaigns. The way you go about doing this is by using the following five elements to help you create targeted online campaigns that will really work for you:

  1. Demographics: The demographics are all of the characteristics of the people you are targeting. They define who belongs in the target group and who does not.
  2. Offer: The offer is the element that will help convince your target market to exchange their contact information with you for something of value like an e-book, white paper, etc.
  3. Landing Page: The landing page is the page that your target prospects land on right after they click on the e-mail, advertisement, blog post, etc. Most likely this is on the franchise website, so it is very important that the website provides all of the information that the prospect needs to make a decision about revealing who they are.
  4. Traffic Source: Traffic sourcing is when you figure out what type of traffic you are trying to generate. Are you trying to create traffic you control? Or are you trying to create traffic you own?
  5. Advertising Copy: Your advertising copy is crucial. In order to have a successful online campaign, you need to make sure prospects click on the ads! Prospects can be persuaded to click, but it takes time with trial and error to discover how to best make this happen. A/B tests and years of knowing what works and what doesn’t work is very important in this step.

By strategically combining each of these five elements, you will be able to build an online campaign that best speaks to your targeted prospects.