How To Segment Web Traffic

10strategies_longwebtraffic_204824500-thumb-380xauto-3168Before focusing on how to increase your web traffic, you need to first identify and segment the three types of web traffic. This will help you focus your digital marketing efforts.

  1. Traffic you own: This, of course, is the best kind of traffic. It is generated from your customers, followers, readers, etc. This is your own distribution channel and needs to be converted to a database (list of prospects). It is used to send out e-mails, post messages, make a blog post, and generate instant traffic.
  2. Traffic you control: This is web traffic that you control where it goes. For example, buying advertisements on Google, video on YouTube, banner advertisements, and targeted e-mails all generate traffic that you pay for and therefore control the source of the traffic. In order to turn this into quality traffic, offer-value-driven landing pages must be developed to convert traffic that you control to traffic that you own.
  3. Traffic you don’t control: There is a lot of traffic that you don’t control. It generally comes from social media, search engines, and You Tube. The goal with this traffic is the same as traffic you control – convert it into traffic that you own.

Now that you know how to segment your web traffic, you can focus your efforts on designing a digital marketing strategy that converts this traffic to leads, revenue, or whatever objective you set.