How To Find Your Dream Customers


Lead GenMost businesses know whom they want to sell to but get stuck figuring out where to find their dream customers (or prospects) and how to get them to visit their website. The process of getting prospects to come to your website is called “driving traffic.” But before the process of driving traffic can be addressed, you need to focus on how to get to your target prospects. Answering these three important questions will help you get on the right track.

  1. Who is your target market? What do they desire and what are their passions? What do they think about and what do they search for online? What words do they search? What online publications do they read? You need to dig deeper into the target market experiences to create the most detailed picture possible that goes beyond the typical demographics.
  2. Where is your target market congregating? Study where your target market hangs out online. What sites they visit, social media groups they belong to, searches on Google, and what blogs they read.
  3. How do you get a target prospect to leave their congregation and check out your company’s website or landing page? After you have identified the target market and know where they are online, you then need to engage them long enough to click on an e-mail or digital advertisement and visit the company website or landing page. This is accomplished through value-added content and strong offers.

Answering these three key questions will help you design a digital marketing strategy that gets results, driving quality prospects to your website.