Make Your Next E-mail Campaign A Success With These 18 Proven Tips


E-Mail ImageAre you doing everything you need to do to make your next e-mail campaign a success? Are your e-mails being opened, read and responded to?  I have developed a checklist of 18 tips to create a winning program that will help generate leads, build your pipeline, increase quality web traffic, and accelerate deal flow.

Implement these 18 tips and you should get great results on your next e-mail campaign.

1.  Start by asking the right question. Who is your audience and how do you build a list that can reach them?

2.  E-mail addresses change frequently so make sure that you are managing bounces and opt-outs.

3.  Response is more than just a completed form.  Clicks and opens have value.  Be sure to segment (and score if you use marketing automation software) this activity. Segmenting by behavior will improve your next campaign’s results.

4.  Are you nurturing and scoring your responders?  Marketing automation software like eMaximation has tools that can help you manage and nurture responders and leads.

5.  You should be focusing your efforts on building and segmenting a database.  Visualize your efforts like a funnel with the warm leads (based on behavioral scoring) on the top and the hottest leads (most interested and fully engaged) at the bottom. What’s in between are prospects with various levels of interest.

6.  When gathering information only ask for what you absolutely need.

7.  Interesting messages that offer value in exchange for contact information are key to the success of any campaign.  Be creative. Study your competition. Sign up for their content.

8.  Keep the length right.  Text works better than html. Keep the message personal and folksy.  Don’t over sell.

9.  Test various subject lines.  Set up an A/B split test to learn what subject lines work best.

10.  Make sure the “From” is personalized.  Make sure the prospect knows whom the e-mail is coming from.

11.  Avoid using words that look like spam like “Free.”

12.  Use subject lines that will get attention and make sure that the copy in the e-mail ties back to the subject line. Be honest.

13.  Encourage the reader to forward the e-mail to someone who might be interested in your message.

14. Personalize the e-mail.  That will significantly increase your open rate.

15.  Include links to video testimonials.  Provide something for your reader to scroll down to.

16.  Use lots of white space and bullets in text messages.

17.  Make it easy for your reader to scan the message.

18. Track opens, clicks and leads.  As mentioned earlier, use A/B split testing to test subject lines, content, format, and offers.

Good luck on your next e-mail campaign! Let me know how these tips worked for you.

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