The Biggest Reason Some Blogs Succeed While Others Fail


There are two camps when it comes to bloggers: Those who do it for fun and those who do it to build their business. If you fall into the latter, then you are probably looking for ways to increase the number of subscribers to your blog.

What is it that makes the blogs that have lots of subscribers so successful? The answer may surprise you. The bloggers who have the most success with their blog likely have an equal amount of success with their other social media because they have cracked the universal code that makes subscribers want to engage with them. So, what is the secret? Simple. They provide value. Really? Yep, it’s that easy, and that difficult.

Think of the blogs and websites you frequent most. Why do you choose to engage with these sites every day? Likely it’s because of the value they bring to you. With so much online clutter, if your blog and other social media are just following a “me too” format, you will never be a standout. If you bring value to the table, then you will garner attention.

So, what am I talking about when I say bring value? It all depends on your business and your specific target prospects. It takes work (and thought) to figure out what is going to be of value to your subscribers. Think along the lines of providing the newest industry information that pertains to your subscribers, share stories that have a teachable moment, provide ways to make their job easier or build revenue – you get the idea.

Your next blog and subsequent ones thereafter need to address not what is important and of value to you but instead what is important and of value to your subscribers. Always approach your content from your subscribers’ perspective, and it will guide you in the direction you need to go.