5 Ways to Create Powerful Content That Captures Your Brand’s Identity


branding-4We have many choices when it comes to selecting the vehicles to use to deliver our content. One thing that all of these choices have in common is they only work as well as your content allows them to. When developing content you have to consider how the content will be delivered and to whom. But, you also need to make sure that everything you send out is true to your brand identity, no matter how small the communication. Follow these tips for content creation that’s always on point.

  1. Make An Emotional Connection

You want to engage your prospects’ emotions. So, think of the emotion you want to illicit and then use emotionally charged words to create a tone that is likely to deliver the response you’re looking for. Make sure your message and its delivery are always in line with your brand identity.

  1. Share Stories

Regardless of your business vertical, you have a story to tell. And, I bet it’s a good one that your prospects could relate to. You must, however, balance entertainment with purpose. You can’t just tell a great story about your company, there needs to be a reason you’re telling it. Know what that reason is and make it clear to your prospects.

  1. Ask Good Questions

The reason I like to use rhetorical questions in my content is because it works very well to strike a chord with your prospects. Rhetorical questions get your prospects to respond to your content on a personal level, making the interaction two-sided.

  1. Write With Interest In Mind

Make sure your content is interesting. If you are the one creating the content, give it to someone else to weigh in on the interest factor. Include interesting facts, figures, stories, photos, etc. You want your prospects to be interested in what you’re saying or it’s a guaranteed failed attempt to communicate.

  1. Choose Your Words Wisely

It is an absolute must that your content be grammatically correct. Have someone who knows what they are doing proofread each and every single piece of your content before it is sent. And, make sure that you work to use words that are interesting, choosing some that aren’t used commonly but that aren’t way over your prospects’ heads.

If you implement these five tips, you’ll be able to create content that speaks to your prospects and leads to sales.