4 Ways Your E-Mail Headlines Can Have Bigger Impact


As you set about creating meaningful content, don’t forget the power of your headline. In this one line, you must and can accomplish much. Here are four ways you can make the most of your headlines.

  1. This is no place for mystery. Make it very clear what you are talking about.
  2. What do your prospects need to know? Use your headline to communicate the information that your prospects need to know about the topic you’re communicating about.
  3. Raise your prospects’ curiosity. Don’t give everything away in the headline – just enough to make them want to read more.
  4. Imply a teachable moment. You can use your headline to imply that your prospects don’t know about something but should and can read on to find out.

Strong headlines open the door of communication with your prospects. Make sure your headlines get the attention they deserve. Craft your headlines (and your messages) so they encourage your prospects to engage and learn from you.

What strategies do you use when writing your headlines? Tell us about them.