4 Lead Gen Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore


When we think about lead generation there are some proven approaches that may not enter the conversation but should. Here are four lead generation trends that you should consider.

  1. Make the Most of Social Media

Social media has revolutionized how we approach marketing and sales, improving and enhancing the process for both the business and the prospects. The use of social media enables ease of communication sharing and improved quality of the messaging. Make sure you plan and implement a strategic approach where the different platforms feed off of each other. And, make sure your content speaks to your prospects where they are in the buying process and offer free, pertinent information. Your prospects will be empowered to make an informed decision, and you will have built a trusting relationship with them.

  1. Don’t Under Estimate the Power of Networking

With the proliferation of technology, it’s easy to forget about building your network of professional contacts. But, it’s your professional network that can feed your lead generation efforts expertly. Make sure you’re continuing to reach out to those in your industry and building your network to tap into when the need or opportunity arises.

  1. It’s Ok to Use Old-School Direct Mail Strategies

Direct mail and e-mail marketing have a lot in common, and both play a role in today’s approach to lead generation. If direct mail makes sense for your business vertical, then make sure it’s part of your overall marketing strategy and that it is an impactful stop in your buying process. Direct mail should be viewed as another form of content creation, staying true to your overall message and delivering information your prospects want to receive.

  1. Telemarketing Isn’t Going Away

We all can agree that telemarketing can be annoying when we’re on the receiving end, but it still works. So, depending on your business segment and if you’ve used other marketing to help pre-qualify or warm up your leads, telemarketing can be a very effective lead generation tool. Again, make sure telemarketing is part of your overall marketing strategy and that your prospects are ready and want to hear from you.

How are you using these lead gen trends in your business? Share your ideas with us.