5 Creative Ideas to Inject Big-Time Results Into Your Lead Generation Strategy


What I’ve found in my years of doing lead generation is that there are some relatively simple techniques that you can employ that deliver very significant results. I thought it would be helpful to share these with you. I’ll be doing this throughout the year a few at a time. Here are the first five for you.

  1. Only One Call To Action

I usually subscribe to the more is more theory, but when it comes to creating a CTA that works, you only need one. Really. Having more than one CTA causes confusion, and confusion does not produce leads. So, have one and make it good.

  1. Blog Regularly To Build Organic Traffic

Blogging works, but it takes some time. I recommend you create a six-month content calendar, execute it, and then analyze your results. You should see a sizable increase in your organic traffic. You will not see instant results, so commit to give it time.

  1. Offer A CTA On Your Blog

Your blog is a great place to have a compelling CTA, but this opportunity is often overlooked. And, what I like most about blogging is that it enables you to develop highly targeted CTAs because the CTA will be relevant to the blog content the reader is interested in. Then, you can ask readers of your blog to provide their name and e-mail address in exchange for downloading your targeted content.

  1. Replace Cold Calling With A Warm Call

The days of cold calling are over. If you’re doing your lead gen right, you should be able to create a targeted list of interested prospects whom you can reach out to with a welcomed warm call. And, the beauty of this is that warm calls work much better than cold calls for generating sales.

  1. Use Your E-Mail Signature Real Estate Wisely

Most of us don’t take advantage of the prime real estate afforded us in the signature area of our e-mails. That’s a shame because it’s a great place to garner attention from your prospects by linking to a special offer, landing page, or a specific page on your website.

Have you used any of these techniques with success? Care to share your story with us?