Is There a Difference Between Content Marketing and Content Strategy?


You bet. And, it’s an important distinction. This question reminds me of the old: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? While the two are interconnected, they do have distinct, important, and different roles, and they build off of each other in very beneficial ways. I liken content marketing to the delivery vehicle of the content strategy.

With content marketing we are creating content geared to our targeted prospects, thereby making it a marketing strategy of sorts on its own. However, content strategy is where we really dig deep to develop the framework of what the content marketing needs to be, aligning the message to specific goals.

Content marketing is charged with delivering the message in the most effective way, creating the copy and design and choosing the communication mediums while content strategy is responsible for ensuring the work the content marketers are doing is in line with the overall business goals and objectives.

Recognizing the distinction between these two, new business categories is paramount to ensuring both get the attention they deserve to produce the desired results. Both require very different skill sets to work in harmony. Make sure your marketing plan includes the necessary and appropriate resources to develop an effective and cooperative partnership between content marketing and strategy.

How do you address the different but interconnected roles of content marketing and content strategy? Share with us.