Is Your E-Mail Signature Helping You Market Your Brand and Drive Leads?


E-Mail ImageThe power of e-mail cannot be overstated in today’s digital marketing world. If you’re like me, you send and receive lots of e-mails each day. Some e-mails get forwarded on and some get deleted. But, with so many eyes viewing our e-mails, it only makes sense that we should pay close attention to each aspect of the e-mail. However, more often than not the signature space on e-mails falls into one of two categories: a barren wasteland or an overcrowded junkyard.

With just a few basic tweaks you can use the signature area of your e-mail to help you drive leads and market your brand every time you send an e-mail.

  1. Be thorough and concise – Clearly list all pertinent ways to contact you. If you’re not a brick and mortar store, you don’t need to list your physical address. Make sure you include a phone number and not just e-mail and web address.
  2. Toot your own horn – Use this section of your e-mail to include icons for your social media and any awards. You could also feature a link to a publication you or your company were featured in.
  3. Position yourself and your company – Include your company’s tagline or a quote of yours that summarizes your business philosophy. Make sure it’s relevant to your brand and communicates a clear message (or benefit) to your viewers.
  4. Don’t include unnecessary attachments – Do not embed business cards, logos, and other images in your e-mail. These are really annoying. Stick to text.
  5. Do include helpful links – Do you have a special promotion going on? If so, this space might be the perfect place to include a link to a page on your website to learn more.
  6. Practice restraint – Less is more here. You want to use this space wisely and not clutter it up. So, don’t list every means of contacting you and every award your company has ever won, etc.
  7. Review often – Continue to monitor this portion of your e-mail and adjust the contents as necessary.

When approached with some thought, the signature line becomes a valuable piece of real estate that can work to help you increase brand awareness and drive leads. So, take another look at your signature line and see if it doesn’t need some work to make it a useful tool for you.