How to Inject Your Lead Nurturing Efforts for Better Results


Lead NurturingNurturing your leads is a very powerful tool for increasing your bottom line performance. There are a few steps you can take that will lead to improved sales.

  1. Make Sure Marketing and Sales Collaborate

Marketing helps generate the lead and passes it off to sales to close. The two teams have to work together for optimum results. Marketing needs to know what sales defines as a qualified lead from the get-go. And, sales also needs the capability of feeding leads through the back door into marketing’s lead nurturing campaigns. Sales needs to keep marketing in the loop, indicating what business verticals they want targeted and specific content they would like developed.

  1. Use a Multi-Channeled Approach

Using just one communication vehicle is not enough. A layered approach works best. So, you have to come up with a plan that is multi-channeled and uses e-mail, website, blog, tweets, videos, etc. Customers need and want to access more and different information about your company. By creating a multi-channeled approach, you broaden and customize your conversation with your prospects. This helps push them through the buying process more effectively and more quickly.

  1. Employ a Progressive Profiling Approach

There is a direct correlation between the length of your forms on your website and the abandon rate. Prospects don’t like to give up their information easily. So, ask them for a little bit of information at a time. And, make each question really count. Don’t ask them for information your system already has on them, like company name. Begin with a couple of qualifying questions each time you send out an offer. Then, as the prospect moves down the funnel, you will build your lead intelligence on them.

What are you doing that’s working to generate better leads? Let us know!