5 Types of Content Consumers Want to See From You


Yes, I’m still on my content bandwagon. That’s because it’s so important! Today, I want to share what I think are the five most important types of content to aim for:

  1. Tell a good story
  2. Show the underdog triumphing
  3. Inspire us and cause us to act
  4. Guide us along a journey
  5. Catch us off guard and do something a bit unexpected

Content isn’t about quantity so much as it is about quality. These five benchmarks are a good place to start. Sometimes your content will feature more than one of these content benchmarks, and sometimes it won’t. And, that’s ok. The point here is to make sure you’re putting thought into your content creation to make it relevant and consistent and of interest to your targeted prospects. Let’s take a look at some good content examples.

How-To Videos

My wife told me about this one. Birchbox sells monthly beauty boxes. But, what caught my eye is the amazing job they do with their content marketing program. They have a plethora of how-to videos that feature wildly popular and useful beauty tricks that guide visitors along a journey and inspire them to purchase the products to get the desired beauty results. Yes!


Behind-The-Scenes Look

Lots of companies are taking advantage of blogging to share a “secret” look into how things are done at their company that is of interest to prospects. For example, J. Crew shared a recent post that shows a behind-the-scenes look into one of their photo shoots. The blog also talks about how the shoot featured a staff member’s art. Such a great story that features an underdog getting a big break. Love it!

J Crew

Content Choices Galore

Everyday Health does a stellar job creating lots of great content the visitors to their site gobble up. You can download newsletters, recipes, and health tips and watch videos to get advice from health experts. They do an excellent job with all five of my content marketing benchmarks. Bravo!

Everyday Health


What types of content do you use? Share your ideas with us!