Should You Rescue Rejected Leads?

free_ebook Rejected_Stamp_by_AshlyntearSales rejected leads (SRLs) are an interesting bunch. Some believe that putting time into following up on rejected leads is a waste of time and money. I, on the other hand, think it’s premature to make an off-the-cuff decision regarding your SRLs without further investigation. Salvage your SRLs and you improve your overall ROI, so I think it’s worth the time to look into why the leads were rejected. Once you have the full picture, you can better make the decision of whether or not to pursue the SRL. Here are the questions you need to be asking about your SRLs:

  1. Why was the lead rejected? The answer to this one will likely spark further questions.
  2. Was the reason for rejection one you can overcome? Timing, sales approach, lack of information, etc., can all be addressed.
  3. What is the realistic potential of the lead if you can salvage it? Before you spend time going after the SRL make sure you have an idea of what the numbers are.

Once you have answers to these questions, you’ll probably be able to group your SRLs into categories based on how you want to proceed with them. Some you’ll dump, some you’ll send a brochure to, some you’ll invite to a webinar, and so forth, depending on what your research gleams makes sense. You’ll want to be sure to track your efforts so you’ll have that data to go on for future SRLs as well as to shed light on your current scoring algorithm and any modifications that may be necessary.

What do you do with your SRLs?