How To Build Trust Between Sales And Marketing


If you read my last post on lead generation quantity versus quality, then you were probably expecting this post. But, it’s true, if your lead generation program is going to be successful, then your sales and marketing teams have to trust each other to do their jobs and to work together to achieve corporate objectives. Study after study shows that when sales and marketing are working synergistically, sales respond with staggering improvements.

So, how do you build trust between sales and marketing? Here’s how:

  1. Do what you say and say what you do
  2. Everyone should know the goals
  3. Share results and learn from mistakes
  4. Everyone is part of the solution

If both sales and marketing keep these four points in mind and (even better) put them into practice, then cohesion should naturally evolve and trust across departments build. I’ve also found it’s a good idea to assign employees from both departments to a project rather than making projects strictly the jurisdiction of one department over another.

With sales and marketing working in tandem, your marketing automation system and CRM should be the two final pieces to the puzzle that keep everyone informed and moving toward the same common goal. Sales and marketing must keep the lines of communication open and meet frequently to keep fostering the best working relationship that drives the most results.

What techniques have you used that have been successful to build trust between sales and marketing? Or, what obstacles are you continuing to battle in trying to achieve harmony between these two departments? Share your ideas in Comments.