View LinkedIn At Its Best


quality vs quantityLast week I posted a blog about quantity versus quality when it comes to generating leads. (See Recent Posts: Lead Gen’s Big Debate) If you haven’t had a chance to see all of the comments that have been posted regarding this hot topic, you really should. There are some thought-provoking responses on the topic, and more are still coming in.

This is exactly why I love LinkedIn. I love it because it provides a platform for industry experts to instantly share their insights and experience on a variety of timely and provocative topics. And, it’s the perfect sounding board for others of like or differing mindsets to weigh in on the matter, building a healthy and beneficial dialogue that otherwise would not happen across such a broad platform. By taking the time to have your voice heard on any given blog topic, you are bringing real value to the industry.

Care to weigh in with your insights on quantity versus quality for lead gen? It’s not too late to share a comment with me and all my readers.