Lead Gen’s Big Debate: Quality Versus Quantity


There are generally two different camps when it comes to this topic: those who want as many leads as can possibly be funneled to them and those who are less concerned about the number of leads and more concerned with the quality of each lead. So, who’s correct?

That depends on who’s answering the question and what their objectives are…and maybe even the time of year it is. Allow me to elaborate. Sales typically wants more, more, more when it comes to leads, right? But, when marketing increases the volume, sales complains about the quality and conversions go south. What to do? Coming full circle, sales now says they want better leads even if it means less quantity. Here’s the takeaway: There is usually a discernable cycle to your business volume, make note of it and adjust your lead gen program accordingly, feeding a higher quantity of leads to sales during the lean months and giving them fewer, more qualified leads during the busy season.

In a nutshell, I believe what’s important is the number of opportunities you have in your sales pipeline. You should be focusing your marketing lead generation efforts on lead qualification before an opportunity is handed off and put in your CRM.

What are your thoughts – quantity or quality? Leave me a comment and let me know.