Six Ways To Build A Landing Page That Converts


A landing page is an effective springboard for sales. By directing a prospect to a specific landing page instead of your website, you are guiding your prospect’s journey with your company. You know how they reached your landing page and the reasons behind their clicks. Landing pages give you invaluable information about your traffic and conversions that you can use to increase conversions.

Another reason landing pages are so popular is because they are a great vehicle to test offers, design, content, etc., that you would not normally do on your website home page. So, here’s how I recommend you approach creating more effective landing pages:

  1. Keep It Simple

The last thing you want to happen when a prospect visits your landing page is for them to miss the point of why they are there in the first place. Keep your message clearly visible without lots of scrolling and clicking.

  1. Stay Focused

Don’t dilute your message by offering links to lots of other offers. This will only distract your prospect from the message you’re trying to convey. By keeping the message focused, you are better positioned to gage the effectiveness of your call to action without the distractions (and confusion) of other offers.

  1. Deliver Value

Your prospect has clicked on a link to get to your landing page, now it’s your job to deliver on the promise you made with clear and compelling content.

  1. Ease Into The Relationship

The temptation with a landing page is to try to capture too much information right off the bat. That’s a mistake. Initially, you want to capture just the basic information – anything more is a real turnoff. As you build trust, you can ask for more information.

  1. Test

Landing pages provide greater flexibility for testing than other more traditional forms of marketing just don’t provide. Take advantage of this and test which offers and design work the best for you.

  1. Be Selective

You created a landing page for a good reason – to reach a specific market. So, don’t try to make the landing page appeal to everyone. Instead, focus your content, design, and offer to speak directly to your targeted prospects. This is the way to increase conversions.