7 Ways To Make Your Website A Powerful Lead Generation Tool


By 2015 SiriusDecisions (a B2B research and advisory firm) predicts that over 70% of your inquiries are going to be inbound. That’s a pretty big number. With industry predictions like this one, it only makes sense that you pay close attention to your website and make the necessary (and ongoing) changes to make sure it does the work necessary to engage your visitors.

Here are the 7 steps I recommend you take to get you going in the right direction to build a website that works as a powerful lead generation tool for you.

  1. Perform An In-Depth Website Audit – It’s important to have a clear and accurate picture of what’s working with your website, what’s lacking, and what is no longer working. You’ll want to pay close attention to things like the technical functionality of your website, your SEO, your content, and special offers. Ideally, you should thoroughly audit your website once or twice a year for optimum results.
  2. Shake The Dust Off Your Copy And Content – When was the last time you updated your web copy? Your website copy should be brief and updated frequently to keep it fresh. Make sure you have ALL the information on your website that your current and potential customers want to know. You should make sure to include all pertinent information about your company from your business philosophy and leadership team to the company’s history and plans for growth. I also recommend you have lots of content for visitors to request like newsletters, white papers, e-books, etc., And, special offers also work well.
  3. Show What Makes You Best – I always encourage my clients to include testimonials and awards because it adds instant credibility.
  4. Add Lots Of Bells And Whistles – Your website should be an informative and engaging experience. Simply having copy on several pages no longer cuts it. You must provide more tools for engagement like forms, calls-to-action, videos, webinars, live chat, free downloads, content offers, social media links, etc.
  5. Start Blogging – I’ve said it many times: Blogging works! If you don’t have a blog, consider starting one. It’s an inexpensive way to share information and show your expertise. Make sure your blog has a clearly designated place on your website.
  6. Use A Marketing Automation Platform – Inbound marketing and marketing automation go hand-in-hand. Marketing automation enables you to identify and track the behaviors of your website visitors to turn qualified leads into sales.
  7. Tell Them How To Contact You – I hate it when I see websites that make it difficult or impossible to contact the company. Clearly have your phone, e-mail, address, etc. visible on a “Contact Us” page so anyone looking for additional information can reach you.

Tell me what you do to make your website a powerful lead generation tool. Share your thoughts and ideas in the Comments section.