7 Ways to Generate More Clicks From Your E-Mail Campaigns


The first hurdle with any e-mail campaign is to get the recipient to open the e-mail. Once the e-mail is opened, the real work begins. Now, the challenge is to engage the reader and get them to take action – now. There are some things I’ve learned along the way that help get the clicks your e-mail campaign is looking for.

  1. Provide Multiple Opportunities To Engage – Static copy just doesn’t work. You need to include multiple hyperlinks in your copy to give your readers several opportunities to engage. Create links for your call to action, key pages on your website, newsletters, and white papers. Link your entire headlines, images, product names, specific offers – anything that you have that helps tell your story and gets you closer to the sale.
  2. Include A Table Of Contents – Consider using anchor tags at the top of your e-mail so readers can easily select the content they want to see.
  3. Only Tell Half The Story – Feature part of the article in your e-mail, and then have them click on a “read more” link to read the other half of the article. The new page then features the entire article as well as additional information, offers, and links.
  4. Make Them An Offer – One of the best ways to get a click is to make an offer. This can be for a discounted price, free gift, or raffle drawing – you decide. Make them click to find out more about the offer. This gives you another chance to tell them more about your product or service and hopefully get closer to the sale.
  5. Give A Deadline – You want your readers to act now, so give them another incentive by giving a deadline for your offer. The deadline information can link to an offer page. Again, it’s another opportunity to sell.
  6. Show Them A Success Story – Nothing works better for sales than being able to show prospects a success story. Ask your top clients if you can videotape them talking about what makes your company so good. Then, post the video to your website and link to it in your e-mail campaigns.
  7. Make It Personal – When possible, it’s always nice to have a salutation and offer that are personalized. For example: “Dear John” or “John, click here to learn more about this special offer.”