How To Differentiate Yourself In A Crowded Marketplace


blog-crowded-space-300x226Creating the right marketing mix to make your business stand out against the competition can be tricky. And, for certain, it’s an ongoing task if you want to have a chance at staying on top. So, how do you best promote your brand and communicate your unique selling points?

4-Steps To Stand-Out Brands

  1. Think about your product or service and the need it meets. Create a very specific definition of what it is you do.
  2. Establish a price point that is competitive while generating lucrative profit margins. Do your research and crunch the numbers.
  3. Get the information out there. Promote your brand in every way possible – advertising, public relations, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, white papers, etc. Whichever vehicle you choose, make sure you are always supporting your brand for maximum ROI.
  4. Consider your buyer. What is he or she like and where will they likely find your product or service? How do you want to reach them? This one will have a few different answers if you’re doing it right. And, for each platform you use, think about how your message will need to be customized to best speak to your consumer on each particular platform. This is not a one message fits all scenario. But, each message must support your brand.