5 Must-Haves To Create A Powerful Franchise Website



yogurt & cookieI’m crazy about frozen yogurt and cookies, and I’m clearly not the only one. If you’ve been following TCBY and Mrs. Fields, you’ve recognized that they are taking a bold and innovative approach to growing their franchise operations. And, it’s getting them results – big time. I know this because they are a client of mine.

So, what is their secret recipe? Let me tell you by walking you through their new website we created for them at http://www.franchise.tcby.com. Overall, you’ll notice that the site is clean, visually appealing, and reflects the current graphic style where visitors scroll down the page. But, here are five things their website provides that visitors are eating up:

  1. They lead with a groundbreaking, incredibly powerful offer right from the start, showcasing it prominently on the home page: Buy a TCBY, get a Mrs. Field’s FREE! Two for one? That’s forging new ground!
  2. The site is overflowing with strong content. That helps with SEO.
  3. There is a link to their blog so visitors can easily access more in-depth information on the brands.
  4. They feature tours and webinars to educate and influence visitors.
  5. There is a press section that is heavily loaded with their breaking news and updates on what they are doing with their brands around the world.

The trends and technology for website content and design are always evolving. If your website remains static, you’re missing a huge opportunity to generate business. I recommend you pay close attention to your site to see if it is keeping abreast with current trends in design and if the content is still effectively delivering the right message and delivering the results your are seeking. You should be making design and content tweaks to your site regularly and plan a complete redesign about every year or so. Is anyone else craving a sweet now?


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