How To Close Leads Faster


While some may think the biggest obstacle is getting the lead, the reality is that the hardest work begins once you have the lead. What do I mean by this? Well, most of the leads you get aren’t ready to buy – yet. They’ll be ready to buy from someone within 24 months. How can you increase your chances that it’s you? Nurture your leads. This keeps you in top-of-mind awareness with the lead, building a valuable relationship through the entirety of the lead’s decision to buy journey.

Facts About Your Leads

  • Only about 27% of your leads will be qualified and ready for sales when they come to you – 73% won’t. {Source: Marketing Survey B2B Benchmark Survey}
  • When sales and marketing are aligned, working synergistically on demand generation, the amount of closes accelerates between 2 to 7 times higher than when these departments function separately.{Source: Sirius Decisions}
  • A/B testing is the most used and most consistent method to improve conversion rates for the last two years. {Source: EConsultancy}

You must learn how to plan and build a nurturing program that really works. Your plan should address the following:

  1. Outline of your lead nurturing approach
  2. A plan to refine and expand your plan
  3. A process to measure the effectiveness of your plan

The value of lead nurturing cannot be overstated. Once your leads come in, get to work nurturing the relationship and see your close rate improve. Next week I’ll give you more specific tips that will help you create your nurturing program.