Five Calls-To-Action That Drive Website Conversion



Driving leads down your sales funnel is the heart and soul of any lead generation program.  A productive call-to-action strategy can make the difference in meeting your monthly traffic-to-lead conversion objectives.

Here is a list of five ways to use call-to-action to help with your website conversion program.

1.  Content

Content offers like e-books, white papers, booklets, and brochures not only provide a valuable trade (the prospect’s contact information in return for the free content) but also help with building interest and moving the prospect down the sales funnel. Different types of content yield varying results.  This is called “progressive profiling” where value and a measurement of interest are placed on the significance of the content.  For example, a prospect who opts to enter a contest is not as valuable as one who downloads information on how to get financing. As you read though this blog post, I’ll take you through various stages of a progressive profiling strategy, from very low commitment call-to-action form grabbers to high level of interest prospects.

2.  Contests

If you are seeking to grow you database, contests are a great way to go. Have fun with it, but be sure that the contest has some relevance to your brand.  Surveys, questionnaires, and social media driven photo contests work well. Be sure to set your objectives, prize(s), and promotional options before you start.

3. Subscriptions

As I mentioned earlier, if you are using progressive profiling as a strategy to qualify your leads, a newsletter is a great way to generate a low-commitment introduction to your brand requests. Use a mini-form to capture the lead’s name and e-mail address, and segment this database for future nurturing.

4. Video Series

Video series content is a powerful offer that combines telling your brand’s story with client testimonials. Anticipate questions that prospects have about your brand and gear the videos as frequently asked questions.

5. Tour and Webinar

Prospects who take your tour and attend a webinar are, of course, your hottest and most engaged.  These leads are at the bottom of your lead generation funnel and ready to be integrated into your CRM.