Eight Tips To Improve Your E-mail Delivery Rate


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I have recently received multiple inquiries regarding how to design and deploy effective e-mail campaigns.  I have three thoughts I’d like to share on the matter.  First, you can review my previous posts on the subject by reading through the Lead Generation category of my blog.  Second, sign up for my free booklet 34 Ways to Improve Your E-MailFinally, follow my top eight tips below to help you increase your delivery rate. We all know the more e-mails you can deliver, the better the results. Be sure to share what you have learned as well!

  • Keep your e-mail short, which makes it appear more powerful while also making the e-mail more deliverable.
  • Stay away from spam detector giant images.  Eliminate Flash and JavaScript as well.
  • Write a subject line that fulfills a benefit to your target audience.
  • Sign the e-mail with a valid e-mail address.
  • ALL CAPS IS A REAL NO-NO, as it’s usually flagged as spam.
  • Words like FREE, for only, bonus, no-investment, and so on are what I call “spammy” words that can affect your delivery rate.
  • Add color to your links. And, make sure your link to is to a valid location.
  • Use title links as an alternative to “click here.”