My Interview With Peter Capodice, Founder of Capodice & Associates: The Inside Scoop From the Industry’s Leading Executive Search Firm (Part 1 of 2)


Peter Capadice

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the go-to guy when the top franchising brands need top executives. In the first half of my interview Peter talks about the executive search industry and how it works. In the second half of my interview with Peter, which I’ll run next week, he shares practical (and applicable) information that will assist you with landing that next big job.

David – Tell me about the focus of your firm.

Peter – The focus of Capodice & Associates is to work with client companies to assist them with acquiring the best talent available who will be the most productive.

David – Share with us your background and how it is you ended up becoming the leader in the executive search industry.

Peter – Sure, my background and experience began in the restaurant franchising sector, beginning with the S&A restaurant corporation. From there I moved on to run a segment of the Northeast operations for Pearl Vision, heading up their sizable manufacturing and distribution facility in that area before moving on to direct the sales and marketing for US, Canada, and Puerto Rico for them. When I left Pearl Vision I joined up with a small optical franchising company, overseeing their franchise development and operations. I made the move to get into the executive search business because I found I had a real passion for it. In my experience running operations and development, I had worked a lot with placement firms and knew first-hand the importance of hiring quality staff. I put a lot of time and emphasis on identifying good people, developing their skills, and ensuring my stores had the most effective staff working for them. I wanted to do the same for other companies to help them be successful.

David – Why not join an existing firm? Why did you decide to form your own search firm?

Peter – First and foremost we wanted to do things differently than what we saw going on in the market. We wanted to be able to identify traits in people and traits in organizations that would lead to excellence in performance. In essence we were bringing a bit of science into the mix. We deployed an assessment tool that had a reach far beyond what the typical Meyers-Briggs personality type assessments do. We’re able to successfully go two or three steps beyond what Meyers-Briggs offers to strip away the “interview behavior” to identify the probability of a long-term fit for the candidate and the client once the initial honeymoon period is over. We can determine how successful the candidate will be in the organization and if they truly have the competencies that the company in looking for. This thinking became the cornerstone for our business and has been what has set Capodice & Associates far apart from others. We now have thousands of behavioral profiles of some of the top industry leaders. We understand what the key traits are, what the behaviors look like, and how important the proper fit is. We can identify a good fit from a poor fit. Our assessment tool enables us to use concrete information to make an objective, tangible hiring decision as opposed to the more subjective, emotional decision based on liking a candidate or just by looking at a candidate’s past successes. Environments are different from company to company.  We match candidates with the work environments they are most likely to be successful in going forward.

David – You’ve been in the business for quite awhile. What do you attribute your longevity to?

Peter – Well, first of all we deliver results. In my business it’s all about being able to deliver candidates that are going to be successful at a company. We do the critical backend work to ensure the candidate’s behavioral profile and experience are a good fit with the company’s environment. We go to all the conferences and work to get to know all the major players.

David – So, is it safe to guess that you share my passion in the power of analytics?

Peter – There is no question about it!

David – Very good…

Next week I’ll post the second part of this interview that gives great tips on what companies are looking for in potential candidates.