What’s New In Lead Gen Technology? My One-On-One With Salim Notta of eMaximation. (Part 2 of 2)


If you read last week’s post, you know it featured the first half of my interview with Salim Notta, President and General Manager of eMaximation, a top developer of innovative, web-based software tools that work. If you missed part one of this interview, you’ll want to check it out.

David: What innovations are coming in the lead generation management industry and what are the opportunities in the next year?

Salim: Google’s much-anticipated, new search algorithm “Hummingbird” will impact lead generation and franchisors. Search engines will become major players in lead generation. I see a technology shift coming. Franchisors are going to want to invest in research to see what the buyer wants and strategies to attract them to increase their value proposition.

David: I think in the very near future if not now, it comes down to whom you want to attract and how you boost your value proposition. You have to do a lot more testing, tying everything back to content. Prospects will release information if they get something back that’s of value. Content helps accelerate conversion architecture to provide better quality leads.

Salim: You got it. We recently rolled out Max Engage, a customizable website solution lead engagement platform. When a lead comes in, it connects the franchise roadmap (based on client needs), and walks the lead through the process of steps they need to take. It’s a controlled environment that gives the franchisor the ability to gauge interest. Engagement tools are the new trend, the next step after marketing automation. As you mentioned, content is becoming more valuable. Companies can’t echo the same thing as their competitors. Prospects need unique information to get them excited. Testing is critical in lifting conversion rate. eMaximation has a lead grader component  that looks at leads and factors in multiple verticals such as:  What is the prospects’ dillusion rate? What has the prospect done or looked at? The system then grades the prospect from A to D based on actions and other pertinent criteria. It’s like an automated lead scoring system.

David: What about leads not coming through a portal? Can your system be applied?

Salim: Not yet, but that ability is coming soon. Custom landing pages could be integrated at some point. Off the shelf CRM packages don’t solve the problem. You have to invest in human capital and a customized system. This will make it easier and more effective in the long run.

David: How did you get involved with eMaximation? What’s your background?

Salim: I’m a Georgia State grad with a degree in Computer Information Systems and Management. I worked with start-ups and developed applications for the digital personal assistant PalmVII. I also worked at Franchise Opportunities Network as a database administrator and web developer. I later became their Chief Technology Officer. It was there that I really acquired a lot of practical experience with lead generation and data management. It really interested me, so I shifted my attention to this. Shortly after, the opportunity to join eMaximation came along; it was perfect timing for me.

A big thanks to Salim for talking with us. To learn more about eMaximation, log on to their website at http://www.emaximation.com.