Six Ways to Crack the Lead Generation Code

Is there a marketing approach that puts quality leads in the hands of your salespeople, accelerates deal flow, and reduces the time it takes to close a sale? Below are six ways that will help you to crake the lead generation code:

1. Content Development:  Prospects have choices, so make sure you provide them plenty of content on your website, landing pages, blog, etc. Optimize everything.

2.  Offer Creation:  Create offers that engage prospects.  White papers, ebooks, brochures, and newsletters are a few examples. Link these offers to landing pages with a call to action so you capture the prospect’s information.  This should be part of an ongoing effort to generate inbound leads.

3.  Marketing Tactics:  Test micro-targeted e-mail, social media, SEO, pay-per-click, portals, PR, and more.

4.  Predictive Analytics:  Track all campaign analytics by opens, time spent on web pages, offer downloads, etc.

5.  Predictive Modeling:  Improve the quality of the lead and accelerate deal flow by using predictive analytics and behavioral automation.

6.  Database Development:  Using your analytics information, segment responses to marketing campaigns into multiple databases.Target and test new offers to these databases.  Based on response, update each database and target and test again.


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