Part Three – The Metrics That Will Put A Smile On Your CFO’s Face: What’s Working?

In part three of my series on lead generation metrics, I’ll focus on the importance of tracking offers and acquired leads.  Although I’m sure that this is what you pay most attention to, it’s worth discussing further because it is these metrics what will help you focus your time and resources on what efforts are most profitable.

Campaign Tracking

1.  Overall Campaign Tracking

A summary of all of the lead campaigns (i.e. pay per click, e-mail, SEO, etc.) will provide you with this metric.  You need to be looking at this on a weekly basis.

2.  Average Close Rate By Lead Generation Campaign

Again, if you are tracking close rate by lead, you should be tracking close rate by the entire campaign. This data will indicate if you are meeting your marketing revenue goals as well as help you design a marketing map moving forward.

3.  Paid Leads vs. Organic Tracking

Organic leads – leads generated through SEO, public relations, word of mouth, and social media tend to be better qualified.  Designing metrics to track these campaigns will help you prove it.

Content Tracking

1.  Offer Effectiveness

Some offers are more profitable than others, and your tracking will quantify it. For example, if you are offering free webinars, e-books, information, or something else, make sure you are tracking the effectiveness of each offer.

2.  Leads Tracked By Landing Page

I recommend to my clients that they test multiple landing pages and micro sites.  Key words, offers, and design appeal vary and setting up proper tracking will help you learn what works best.

Acquired Lead Tracking

1.  Total Acquired Leads By Month

If you are following my lead generation system closely, then you will segment your leads by acquisition.  You will then need to track the effectiveness by group.  I break out my clients’ leads into at least these two groups. I have the Acquired Leads integrated to a CRM so sales conversion, revenue, and Internal Rate of Return can be tracked.

2.  Total Acquired Leads By Campaign

If you are investing in a marketing campaign activity, you’ll want to track how many Acquired Leads you are generating by campaign (i.e. pay per click, e-mail, SEO, and so forth).  Then, based on the data, decisions can be made regarding how best to invest your marketing dollars in the future.

3.  Average Close Rate By Acquired Lead Campaign

Earlier I mentioned the importance of tracking the close rate by leads generated.  I recommend to clients that they break out the Acquired Leads from other groups and track the close rate of these leads as well.  This way you are always measuring the effectiveness of the close rate of your most active and valuable leads.



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