Part One – How To Put A Smile On Your CFO’s Face: 17 Metrics Every Marketing Professional Should Track

Every Monday morning I send my clients a Key Performance Report.  It provides them the key analytics and metrics that help them make marketing decisions. (If they use marketing automation, they get this report in real time using their dashboard.) My next several posts will describe these analytics in detail providing you with an easy way to wow your CFO while working toward your own approach to metrics.

Below are the key metrics and analytics that I believe will help you make important decisions as well as put a smile on your CFO’s face.

Total Lead Generation and Tracking

1.  Total Leads Generated By Campaign

2.  Total Impressions Generated By Campaign

3.  Total Cost Per Lead By Campaign

4.  Average Lead Close Rate

Campaign Tracking

1.  Overall Campaign Tracking

2.  Average Close Rate By Campaign

3.  Paid Leads vs. Organic Tracking

Content Tracking

1.  Offer Effectiveness

2.  Leads Tracked By Landing Page

Acquired Lead Tracking

1.  Total Acquired Leads By Month

2.  Total Acquired Leads By Campaign

3.  Average Close Rate By Campaign

Key Marketing Metrics

1.  Profit

2.  Present Value

3.  Internal Rate of Return

4.  Payback

My next few posts will go into greater detail on these.



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