One Killer Way To Accelerate Your Lead Gen, And The Eight Ideas That Make This One Strategy Work.

If you have been following my blog, then you have read this again and again: If you are looking for a way to increase quality leads, you need to put together a plan that provides visitors to your website something of quality in exchange for their contact information.  Just telling them to contact you for more information is not enough!  You need to provide quality content that will provide a reason for the prospect to complete your lead generation form.  I know what you are thinking…How do you develop your own content?  Where do you get the information?  Who is going to write it?  Where am I going to find the time to develop this content?  Here are eight ideas that can help.

1.  Start a Blog:  Using a blogging software platform like blogger or wordpress, start writing a blog (or diary) that communicates what is going on at your brand.  To attract visitors, link the blog to your website.  Always add a call to action at the end of the blog to help drive leads.  Check out how I do this by always including a banner that offers the 30 Minute Lead Generator.

2. Publish an E-Book: Is there something that your franchise does that is worthy of an e-book?  One of my clients (Hurricane Grill & Wings) published the Simple Restaurant Investment Guide For Investors (check it out at with big success.

3.  Use Your Blog to Create Content:  Summarize your blog posts by creating an e-book. Promote the content using problem-solving headlines like:  Here is Exactly How to Build a Successful Company, or Read This if You Ever Wished You Had Your Own Successful Company.

4.  Use Your Brochure:  Offer a free download of your franchise brochure.

5.  Create a Tour: Do you have a powerpoint that you use for go-to meetings? If so, add a Tour link to your website that directs to a landing page offering a FREE Tour.

6.  Conduct Webinars:  Update your powerpoint and offer regular webinars.

7.  Repackage Content:  Is your PR firm posting your success online? Do you have testimonial videos?  How about interviews with your ownership team? Pull together this content and repackage it as an introduction package to your franchise.

8.  Write White Papers:  Does your brand offer anything unique?  How do you differentiate yourself in the marketplace?  Does your company hold any patents?  White papers work and are a great way to generate quality leads.



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