How to Manage Leads: Part 4 – The One-Minute System Outline

My last post focused on designing ways to generate responses to your communication. For today’s post, I’m writing about what to do with your responses.

Ok, you have some responses, so now what? Depending on resources, my clients approach this step in a number of different ways.  In some cases, the Sales Development people call to further qualify the prospect.  Others use Lead Generation Qualifier staff to make the first contact.  Either way you are beginning the engagement process. That’s most important.

Keep in mind that if you are using a CRM like Process Peak, FranConnect, or SalesForce, you’ll want to integrate your qualified leads into the system for tracking purposes.

And, don’t forget about those non-responders. You’re sure to have some.  Is there an approach to generate leads from that group?  Believe it or not, yes!

The 30-Minute Lead Generator is a very simple yet powerful way to produce an ongoing flow of sales prospects. It’s the quickest way I know to accelerate deal flow.  I’ve summarized these steps here:

1.  Steps to define your ideal prospect.

2.  How to build your target list.

3.  Running a successful campaign.

4.  Prioritizing and tracking your leads.

5.  Tracking your results.

I have written a book that focuses on each one of these steps outlined in the previous four blog posts. And note there are only two chapters. Each chapter should take you about 15 minutes to read. Simple.  Quick. And now it’s time to jump right in! Ready to learn more? Just click on the link below. Or contact me (David Stein) at



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