How to Design a Franchise Website That Generates Leads

Most likely you have a franchise link on your corporate website page.  In addition to that, you might want to consider breaking that out and developing your own franchising micro site.  The primary reason for this is that it will help with your optimization and help with your listing on the search engines.  It also keeps the focus of your visitor on why they should become a franchisor.

Here is another idea. Add a link on your micro site to the corporate site, but build a franchise site separate from the corporation.  Here are a few tips that will help you convert visitors to leads:

1. Create a targeted micro site.

The micro site should be at least a dozen pages. Content is king. If you are trying to build your relevance and listings on the search engines, keep your content fresh and publish often. Twelve or so pages (2,000+ words) will keep your visitors engaged as well.

2.  Optimize everything.

Put your blog on the franchise site and the additional content will help with your optimization.  Optimize your videos, too.

3.  Put downloadable forms on every page.

Work to engage your visitors.  Provide content beyond the FDD. White papers, newsletters, brochures, videos, and ebooks are all great ways to engage your prospects and capture their contact information.

4.  Feature client testimonials.

If you don’t have the budget yet for videos, use written testimonials.  Remember, this is B2B marketing and endorsements are very important to building credibility.

5.  Link to social media.

Make sure you have your links to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter,  and You Tube clearly identified on the site.

6.  Tell an engaging story.

The micro site is your business card, brochure, and first impression. Make it a good one.  Use it to properly tell your story by using videos, award postings, testimonials, your blog, and anything else that can help you brand your franchise.  One of my clients uses a game to help keep the visitor on their site.  It’s a cleaver technique and helps to differentiate the brand.

7.  Get to the point.

The micro sites I have designed for clients get right to the point.  I don’t use any fancy introduction videos.  My sites open up and the first thing the visitor sees is a lead generation form. My advice is to   make it easy for your visitor to spend time on the site and provide them with plenty of opportunities to contact you. Let’s connect.





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