A Lead Generation Plan In Just 30 Minutes (Or Less) – Part One

Wouldn’t it be great if you could generate high quality sales leads without the cold calling?  Producing interested prospects that find their way to you is my passion.  So, my next few posts will focus on how to develop and design a lead generation system that delivers sales leads of prospects who want to learn more about you.  Some marketing experts name this “Permission Marketing.”  Others call it “Inbound Marketing.”  I call it the “30-Minute Lead Generation System.”

A few years ago I posted a discussion on various franchise LinkedIn Groups: How To Generate Quality Leads.  I was surprised by the number of responses to my discussion.  It quickly became the most popular discussed subject, and I even received a few new business relationships out of the post.

Let’s face it.  If you are in the sales profession, you are looking to crack the code on lead generation.  You are working with your marketing department and trying (and hoping) to generate enough quality leads that will engage you in enough conversations so you can meet your sales goals and make a living.  Or, if you are early in the franchise game, you are trying to design your own program at the lowest budget possible that will create a few conversations with quality prospects that will launch your franchise business.

Over the years I’ve tried many types of franchise lead generation programs for my clients like portals, seminars, pay-per-click, digital advertising, social media, trade shows, and telemarketing to name a few. Some have had success. I was never afraid to  “throw a lead program against the wall and see what sticks.”  While this approach generated some short-term success, it never really produced what I really needed to be successful – a steady flow of leads that keep my clients’ sales people engaged.  I knew there had to be a better way, and I set out to develop it. After extensive research and development I created the highly effective and much needed 30-Minute Lead Generator.

I feel your pain. Sales is one of the toughest jobs out there. And, I know first-hand how frustrating it can be to be without quality leads. The 30-Minute Lead Generator is the product of my 25 years of experience in the direct response and lead generation business.

Before I get in to the specifics of the system, let’s begin with a little background on the seeds of inspiration that grew into the 30-Minute Lead Generator system. I have had the honor to work with some of the best consultants in the business. This combined with my executive experience at one of the world’s best direct response companies (Home Shopping Network) has provided me an inside view on some of the challenges when it comes to both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) inquiries generation and a bird’s-eye-view of what it takes to be successful.  You might say I have a passion for lead generation, always seeking to “crack the code.”  In 2006 this passion and drive to produce lead me to patent a lead generation system (Telephone Redirect System 7415105) for companies seeking hot transfer inbound leads.  But, other challenges awaited. Emerging digital technology focused my attention on how franchisors can generate inbound, quality leads and became the impetus for the development of the 30-Minute Lead Generator for you and others like you seeking to generate residual, quality leads.

When I first designed the system, I took it to one of my clients and asked him to test it.  He was pretty skeptical. But, he tried it and generated 100 inquiries, 10 solid leads, and 2 discovery day visits for his restaurant franchise.  Not too bad.  He told me I should write the system down – kind of like a blueprint for franchisors. I did, and now you can take a look. To learn more about the 30-Minute Lead Generation System, click on the link below. To contact me directly, visit my website at http://www.producersdigital.com.



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